Simple Box – Low Cost – Maintenance Off

Fidelity® is flexibility, simplicity, efficiency, durability and security

Fidelity® is made of a special hydraulic motorization combined with a console for the management of sectional doors and loading ramps.

The Fidelity® Powering can solve any assembly problem, allowing to do what is not possible with spring balanced sectional doors. The Fidelity® hydraulic motorization has over 70,000 installations in 26 different countries, thanks to its total safety, ease of installation and minimal maintenance.

The Fidelity® Console is available both in the version for sectional doors and in the centralized version. The latter can manage two different functions (2 sectional or 1 sectional and 1 loading ramp).

Finally, the real innovation in the industry is the Fidelity® Compact, which has the control unit, hydraulic motor and cylinder integrated in the box. This system is adjustable and telescopic, making it easy to install and extremely safe.

The Fidelity® has the European Patent number 1483472 and also we applied for further patents. Campisa operates under “quality system” ISO 9001:2015, certified by TUV under number 50 100 1972.


fidelity powering

FIDELITY® Powering

The genius of a hydraulic motor with total security and minimal maintenance.

fidelity consolle

FIDELITY®  Consolle

Consolle for sectional doors or centralised consolle.

fidelity compact

FIDELITY®  Compact

Control unit, hydraulic motor and cylinder integrated in the box.

hydraulic consolle

Electrohydraulic unit for door and dock leveller

Electrohydraulic unit for lifting the FIDELITY system sectional doors and for operating a dock leveller.