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Vehicle wheel guides

Hot-dip galvanized steel guides, useful for guiding the wheels of the vehicles and obtaining the docking centered at the loading point.

The dimensions of the tubulars, the height from the ground, the length of the guides and their positioning are the result of decades of experience in the production and installation of these devices.

With these accessories, damage resulting from inaccurate docking at the loading point is eliminated.

Correct docking is a very critical condition for inflatable and cushion sealants.


Made by hot-dip galvanized steel, 160 mm pipes 1800 mm long. The pipe does not damage the tires and does not reach the rims of vehicles.


They are positioned in front of the docking bay in order to guide the outside of the wheels of the vehicles to obtain appropriate centering (tolerance 10 cm) and protection of the equipment. The distance from the loading bay depends on the type of vessels docking.


Installation with dowels is only possible in the presence of solid concrete flooring. Normally 25-30 cm of concrete flooring is sufficient to allow direct fixing of the guides with 8 anchors per guide.


In new yards or yards made with self-locking or asphalt, fixing with anchor bolts is possible, anyways, the bolts must be inserted when casting the pavement or the plinths. A dedicated template is provided to indicate the correct position of the log bolts and the distance between the guides.

Template for positioning the log bolts and log bolts kit.

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