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Bunk ramp with beam or telescopic spout

One-piece bunk ramps with pre-installed hydraulic power pack, compact frame. Pack height of only 550 mm, complete with accessories. This is the traditional system for applying ramps to a pit, with maximum ease of installation.
The Castle ramp is a loading ramp with a rotating or telescopic spout, mounted on a “Castello” frame, ready to be installed in a concrete pit made with traditional systems. The pit must be made by carefully following the instructions and measurements shown on the relative technical data sheet, making the carpentry parts to be hooked to the casting in the indicated measurements. The installation takes place through a few welds and some expansion plugs for fixing to the walled carpentry and to the casting that creates the pit.


The ramp on a castle frame made by Campisa has a height of only 550 mm. This allows the shipment of multiple overlapping ramps with significant savings on the cost of shipping.


The structure of the bunk frame is made with elements in hot-dip galvanized sheet metal and painted elements, in case of combination with hot-dip galvanized ramps the entire frame is galvanized.


The hydraulic and electrical systems (if the engine is in the pit) are made and tested in the factory. At the time of installation the ramp activation time is very short.


The installation of the bunk ramp is carried out by welding the three rear hinges on a sturdy walled profile by and at the expense of the customer, anchoring the front connection and fixing the cylinder fulcrum to the pit bottom.


The castle ramps are supplied with the necessary lifting tool that allows you to move it using a lifting trolley or a simple crane.

The nominal capacity of the standard loading ramps is 6,000 kg (10,000 kg evenly distributed), optional 9,000 kg (15,000 kg evenly distributed).
The electro-hydraulic operation of the loading ramps requires connection to the electrical network, the standard models have a three-phase 230/400 V, 50/60 Hz power supply. If necessary, drives with different power supply voltages can be created.

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