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Interlocking systems between equipment

Optional devices increasing the safe use and the preservation of the loading-unloading equipment.


The interlocking systems disable the sectional door opening button if the external photocells do not detect the presence of a vehicle docked at the loading point. This device has mainly two functions, the first is to prevent the opening of the door when the vehicle is not docked, thus avoiding the risk of falling, the second is to preserve the internal temperatures, preventing the opening of the door when the vehicle is not docked.


Unless the lock bolt (s) is released the opening control key of a motorized door is disabled. The bolt prevents safety latches from breaking, prevents damage to the sectional door lifting gearmotor (spring version with gearmotor).


The ramp activation command is disabled unless the sectional door is fully opened. It avoids the risk of derailing of the lifting cables of the sectional door and protects the door from collision between trolley and a panel if the door is not completely open.

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