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Miniliker loading ramps

Manual loading ramps counterbalanced with gas spring or hydraulically motorized. The Minilinker ramps allow the problem of connecting vehicles with a platform at the same level as the platform level to be solved in an economical and effective way.
Manual loading ramps with maximum excursion: +/- 100 mm (the EN 1398 standard establishes the maximum inclination of 12.5%).
Quick and easy to install in the pit or flush with the quay, the manual loading ramp is mechanically or hydraulically operated by a single operator. In case of manual maneuver for its connection to the vehicle floor, just engage the lever to operate the platform which is raised assisted by a gas cylinder, the spout opens automatically with the maneuver and rests on the truck bed. During the loading and unloading operations, the ramp adapts to the lifting and lowering of the platform on the leaf springs. Once the load is finished, again with the help of the lever, the ramp is raised and the lip folds automatically with the maneuver. With the lip folded, the ramp is lowered to its rest position on its supports. In the case of a motorized maneuver, this occurs hydraulically by means of hydraulic cylinders operated by an electric push-button panel with 1 button which controls all the connection operations and those of return to rest.
  • Platform: non-slip checkered sheet metal th. 4 + 2 mm.
  • Spout: non-slip almond plate sp. 8 + 2 mm.
  • Total length: 760 mm.
  • Spout length: 360 m.
FINISH Ramp and supports for bumpers, painted gray, similar to Ral 7005. Orange spout similar to Ral 2000. INSTALLATION At the edge of the quay or in the pit. OPERATION Manual by rod, assisted by gas spring to remain within the effort limits dictated by EN1398 or Electro-hydraulic motorized by means of an electric control placed on the wall panel. The three-phase 400V 50 Hz electro-hydraulic control unit can be positioned under the ramp. MEGA TYPE BUMPERS
  • Installation flush with the quay: 250 x 110 x 450 (width x depth x height). They are installed on a steel support 250 x 430 x 450 mm = total depth 540 mm.
  • Pit installation: 250 x 500 x 450 (width x depth x height). They protrude from the quay for 110 mm.
Front protection plate in galvanized steel: to be mounted on the Mega bumper to protect its surface. Double cylinder hydraulic motorization and control unit for effortless handling.
  • Side foot guards as required by the EN 1398 standard.
  • Mechanical stop of the platform (excluding the spout), equipped with a mechanical limit switch that limits the negative excursion.
  • Instructions for installation, use and maintenance, as required by the EN 1398 standard.
The load capacity of these point-loading ramps is 4 tonnes, concentrated as per EN 1398.
For the hydraulic motorized option only:
  • Voltage 230-400 V three-phase
  • Power 0.75 kW or 1.1 kW
  • Frequency 50/60 Hz

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