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Dock Tunnel

The Dock Tunnels are built with a sturdy steel frame, they mount the flaps of a classic retractable sealant on the front arch, giving the equipment a proven functionality.

It blocks bad weather and drafts that are harmful to the health of operators.

The construction system of the Dock Tunnel makes it reliable and durable over time.

The Dock Tunnel allows you to seal the rear of a vehicle under load in an external dock.

Special cases require the use of loading bays outside the building, which are done with loading ramps inserted in external metal docks. The Dock Tunnel is a retractable proboscis that covers the two sides and the roof that can be extended by means of wheels, up to contact with the vehicle.

The trunk ends with a retractable sealant, with its standard operation, and shock absorption for off-axis retraction.

The Dock Tunnel has a sloping ceiling towards the two outer halves, for the drainage of rainwater.


Made by welded and hot-dip galvanized steel pipe, anchored to the wall while all other components are bolted to it.


Wall roof sheet made of heat-sealed Trevira 680 gr / m². The special design of the roof allows the conveyance of rainwater, excluding the formation of dangerous accumulation of water on the upper sheet.


The flaps of our standard retractable sealant are fixed to the front of the tunnel dock. (For the characteristics of these flaps please see “Retractable sealants”).

In retraction, a minimum distance of 25 mm is maintained between the closing moving parts, as prescribed by the Safety Standards.

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