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The Campisa prefabricated pit can replace the pit edge frame and allows a fast and precise construction of an already equipped with the head hinge. The loading ramp is mounted with its pins and  welding is not needed.


Easier and faster construction of a basic pit using the Prefabricated unit, ref.: dwg. IR000-651:

Curb construction that closes with a recoverable formwork.

Inert filling compacted to a height of minus 20 cm.

Recovery of the formwork and excavation of the compartment in the compacted filling, then construction of an armed slab.

Prefabricated pit assembly with squaring template, leveling to the finished floor level, nailing to the floor, positioning of the corrugated pipe, casting around.

Concrete pouring up to minus 15 cm, spread of reinforcing wire mesh.

Casting of the final floor.

Rapid construction of prefabricated pits with lower compartment for tail lift with the use of the Prefabricated Quay, ref. dis. IR000:

  • Zero-level slab construction.
  • Curb construction.
  • Construction of three walls perimeter for the tail lift shaft.
  • Assembly of the prefabricated dock on the three walls.
  • Application of two high-bonds to cover the two lateral spaces.
  • Concrete pouring up to minus 20 cm.
  • Assembly of the wire mesh and leveling to the finished floor.


Our front structure is made by punched and bent hot-dip galvanized steel sheet, includes a bumper holder with threaded sleeves for deep anchoring of the bumpers in the casting. The structure has also a sturdy ramp support that holds the ramp at rest.


These protections are made by sendzimir-galvanized steel, punched and bent. The compact patented design is studied for optimization of its transportation with the other components as well as for its extending and hiding below the casting of the flooring.


The header is made by galvanized profiles, with bushing-hinge for ramp assembly and it’s complete with three high grip clamps.


A guiding cross can be screwed onto the mounted prefabricated pit and guarantees the perfect squaring of the hole.

Prefabricated pits can be equipped with Super, Mega or Floating bumpers.

Only available for ramps with a single lifting cylinder.

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