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Retractable sealant

This retractable sealant is used cover the rear of the van against the building and protects against bad weather. It is equipped with a rainwater collection system from the top and a conveyance to the side.

It blocks bad weather and wind that could be harmful during loading and unloading operations.

The sealant is very durable and the front covers are resistant to the friction with the vans while docking.

The retractable sealant is composed by two frames, one fixed to the wall of the building and the other, with 4 pantograph arms, connected to the first one.

A plastic sheet connects the first frame with the second one and moves on the pantograph. In the event of an incorrect maneuver of the van, the second frame returns to its previous position as the vehicle advances.

The roof is perforated to collect rainwater in a conduit under the holes, connected to lateral water drains.

The vehicle touches and squeezes within the front flaps fixed to the mobile frame, while these fold against the vehicle for a sealing contact.


The retractable sealant consists of sendzimir pantograph metal profiles.


The profiles of the external facade are fixed to a top horizontal sheet. They are made by black PVC texture 2.5 mm thick, 1 meter large and as wide as the structure, with edges cut diagonally to facilitate the penetration of the vehicle contour. The vertical side profiles carry a black PVC sheet each, with double weft, 2.9 mm thick, stretched inside. The double weft interacts as a spring to keep them adherent to the sides of the docked vehicles.


The entire upper + side area is covered by a yellow PVC coated polyamide sheet to ensure internal brightness and avoid the accumulation of heat of from the dark sheets. The roof is equipped with an internal channel that conveys rainwater that enters through holes on the roof and flows inside along a side sheet.


A retractable cushioning system with articulated sections connects the front to the rear side and the sealant can retract in the event of incorrect maneuvering of the vehicle, returning to its correct position without need of intervention.


Side and upper are covered by a in black PVC sheet, 700 gr / m2, inserted in the grooves of the perimetral frame.

The upper horizontal sheet is made by PVC, height 1000 mm, thickness mm. 3.2, complete with two internal flexible plies to best adhere to the upper part of the vehicle, A double internal / external reinforcement fabric reinforces the covering sheet, with sandwich-leaf spring able to withstand strong winds.

Vertical lateral PVC sheets 620 mm wide with double internal ply, are also foreseen and they are strengthened by double internal / external sandwich-crossbow reinforcement sheets to resist wind lashes.
The loading ramp is also sealed by a pair of triangular sheets for the lower sides.

In retraction, a minimum distance of 25 mm is maintained between the closing moving parts, as prescribed by Safety Standards.

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