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Vandock loading bays

Vandock loading points are the ideal solution for the connection of light commercial vehicles.

The structure of the loading turnips for Vandock vans allows precise and safe docking, guaranteeing the correct loading and unloading of goods by the operators.

  • Reverse guided by ground centering signs.
  • Perfect stopping position controlled by a red-green traffic light activated by photocells intercepting the docked vehicle.
  • If the van moves back too far, a second safety photocell activates the red light.
  • The loading ramp for vans surmounts the floor by about 15 cm, guaranteeing crossing safety.
  • The driver loads directly from the dock, with a manual trolley or with pallet loaders.
Vandock hydraulic loading ramp is steel made with measures equal to 1500 mm x 1500 mm and motor in the pit. The safety leg is hinged to the pit hedge and CE certified. The connection between the platforms of the van and the platform level can have a height difference of about 200 mm.

Hydraulic Gliss ramp, one red-green traffic light, two photo-cells.

Painted with two coats of catalyzed epoxy paint, gray color simil RAL 7005.

Hydraulic lifting and lowering by a 400Vac three-phase 50/60 Hz motor in the pit; maneuvering can be with “Man Present” or with All-In-One console 400Vac three-phase 50/60 Hz for 1 Sectional Door + 1 Gliss “Man Present” activation.

The platform is anchored on the quayside.

The Vandock van ramp options include:

  • wheel guides on the ground;
  • supports for the photocells.

Standard EN 1398 – loading ramps. Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC. CE marking.

  • Safety crutch: two supports (automatically folding when the ramp is at rest) block the downward lowering of the ramp when it reaches 20 cm below the level of the platform.
  • Safety flag: by gravity, they make the ramp visible if it is in a horizontal position.
Capacity kg. 2000 according to EN 1398.
Voltage 230-400 V three-phase + earth. Power 0.75 kW. Frequency 50/60 Hz

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