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Ramp with radius lip

The loading ramps with radius lip are robust electro-hydraulic ramps with guaranteed high resistance against the tear and wear. The depth of the pit is 550 mm.

Campisa ramps with radius beams are equipped with a windproof hinge on the head that upholds continuous connection.

Campisa recommends an inclination limit of 8% for trolleys and 4% for electric pallet trucks and offers a maximum non-slip connection inclination of 12.5% ​​according to EN 1398 specifications.

Maximum lift above dock level: approximately 640 mm.
Maximum lowering below dock level: about 300 mm.

Torsion, 3% adaptation to the inclination of the platforms, as per EN 1398, following the lateral inclination of the vehicles.

The ramp connected to the vehicle floor is an inert bridge that follows the vertical movement of the vehicle during loading (EN 1398). The ramp at rest has the lip inserted in the lip holders and in this position, it can be crossed under full load.
The operating cycle is guaranteed by a single button command unit (dead man), with the following sequence:

  • Button pressed: the ramp lifts up and reaches its maximum height, then the lip opens automatically and rotate to position.
  • When the lip is extended, the button can be released; the ramp descends slowly and the extended lip lays on the floor of the truck.
  • Loading operations can start.
  • Rest: once loading is complete the operator must press the button then release it when the lip is up and closed, before reaching the maximum height, then the ramp automatically returns to its rest position.

Our Campisa ramps with rotating lip are equipped with a double-acting cylinder that guarantees the complete return of the lip and its entry into the lip holders. The spout has self-cleaning hinges, which do not retain dirt and / or scrap from pallets.

  • Rotation opening.
  • Made by 12 + 2 mm high resistance checkered sheet metal, chamfered at the front end.
  • Length 360 mm, 360 mm protruding from the edge of the quay.
  • 2000 mm width in one piece for ramps 2000 mm wide.
  • 2200 mm width in three pieces (180 + 1830 + 180) for 2200 mm wide ramps.
  • Made by 6 + 2 mm checkered plate, anti-slip and self-draining.
  • Supported by high strength steel side elements.
  • Standard windproof head hinge, with rounded connection at any angle, reducing the risk of punching trolley’s wheels.
FINISH Ramp: Gray RAL 7005, spout: orange RAL 2000, we apply two coats of catalyzed epoxy paint, kiln dried. The catalyzed epoxy paint is the most resistant to heavy traffic of forklifts. OPERATION
  • Lifting is activated by a hydraulic cylinder with diameter 60 mm.
  • Opening and closing of the spout are activated by a double-acting hydraulic cylinder, which manages also the return to rest position, safely.
  • Control box, 230V, 50/60Hz, IP 56 protection, equipped with emergency stop, door lock and alarm switch. Fire resistant connection cables.
INSTALLATION The ramp is installed welding the three head hinges and the front connection, and anchoring the the cylinder holder at the bottom of the pit. Pit setting: according to the indications contained in the dedicated Technical Data Sheet. MOVIMENTAZIONE
  • Altezza di spedizione: da mm 150 a 550 secondo la versione .
  • Movimentazione con gru o con forche tramite agganci a perdere sopra al pianale.
  • Possibilità di inforcamento e movimentazione della rampa con entrata laterale oppure frontale lato becco.
  • The 2000 mm wide ramps, can be provided with 2 self-releasing side flaps 180 mm wide on each side, for the connection to reduced floors.
  • Option 1: spout prolonged 430 mm from the edge of the quay to full extension.
  • Option 2: lifting cylinders with diameter = 40 mm (requires higher pit, see drawing).
  • Option 3: windproof seal on both sides of the ramp (windproof head is standard).
  • Option 4: hot-dip galvanized ramp and spout.
In compliance with the provisions of EN 1398, the ramps are equipped with:
  • Automatic valve to block the descent in case of unexpected departure of the vehicle.
  • Solenoid block valve controlled by power supply shut-off switch.
  • Movable side foot guards.
  • Maximum pressure safety valve.
  • Non-slip and self-draining checkered steel sheet.
  • Minimum 25 mm between folded spout and resting support.
  • Positive locking system of the raised ramp, for safe operation.
  • Rounded windproof head zip, allows the passage without jolts in any connection position.
The nominal capacity of the standard loading ramps is 6,000 kg (10,000 kg evenly distributed, but this is not within the scope of the ramp), optional 9,000 kg (15,000 kg evenly distributed).
The electro-hydraulic process of the loading ramps requires connection to the electrical network, the standard models have a three-phase 230/400 V, 50/60 Hz power supply. Power units with different power supply voltages can be provided.

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