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Inflatable sealant

Campisa inflatable sealant is an ideal solution to shield and improve the working environment. A blower inflates it quickly allowing a fast enclosing of the vehicle’s rear with excellent insulation. It blocks adverse weather and flows of air that may be harmful to the operators.
The inflatable sealant is a highly efficient sealing system helping the utmost safeguarding for goods, warehouse and vehicles.

The cushions are deflated and retracted till when the vehicle docks in the loading bay. Once the truck is correctly docked, before opening the sectional door, the blower is activated and rapidly inflates the three cushions pushing them against the van. The sectional door is opened and the space between the open doors and the walls of the van remains accessible and protected.

Once the loading is completed, the blower turns off and a counterweighted retraction system retracts the cushions quickly removing them away from the vehicle, thus preventing them from being torn off by any truck hooks or hazards.

Ground guides are recommended to ensure protection of the sealant from impacts from moving vehicles.


Inflatable sealants are suitable for sealing environments with very different temperatures: the greater the temperature difference, the greater the energy savings.
The inflatable sealant connects the factory and the vehicle docked to the loading bay blocking the dispersion of heat, the access of rain and dust, and preventing air currents that could be harmful to the operators.


The sealant’s frame is built with 40 mm thick insulated panels, (white color RAL 9002). The roof and uprights are fixed to the wall with expansion bolts (note: the wall must allow the anchors to be fixed and support the stresses). The insulated roof has a corrugated panel that allows lateral flow of rainwater.


The sealant has a top horizontal inflatable pillow and two side inflatable pillows expanding contemporaneously. Uniform cushion pressure is guaranteed.
Horizontal and vertical cushions are made by black PVC sealing materials, 430 gr / m2, welded at high frequency, resistant to atmospheric agents and with permanent elasticity.
The mattresses are joined to the frame with Velcro, and can be easily detached for inspection.
Front flaps cover the inflatable cushions when in resting position.

The 0.55 kW blower is powered at 230 V – single phase – 50 Hz.

The electrical connection to the power network needs a Shucko socket with activation switch, to be installed at a maximum distance of 1 m from the blower.

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