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Pillow sealer

The pillow sealer is highly insulating, seals the rear of the van against the building; it also closes the cavities between open vehicle doors and vehicle walls.

It is suitable for cold storing areas limiting heat loss. It blocks adverse weather and flows of air that may be harmful to the operators.

The thermal insulation capacity of this sealant is very high due to the dimension and shape of the cushions. The pillow sealer is a long-lasting defense solution also thanks to the frontal wear-resistant flaps.

The sealant is made by two vertical cushions of elastic polyurethane foam, covered with PVC coated “Trevira” fabric, complete with overlapping scaled flaps that protect the sealant from the vertical movements of the vehicle under load.

Its top horizontal cushion can be fixed or vertically movable allowing its adjustment to the different heights of the vans.

The vehicle rolls back with its doors open till when it touches and pushes against the three cushions, sealing the three sides of the van against the three cushions.

This type of sealant also seals the gaps between the open doors and the sides of the vehicle.

GEOMETRY The trapezoidal section of the vertical cushions allows sealing an additional 100 mm on each side of the opening. DIMENSIONS As a rule, the standard dimensions must follow the dimensions of the vehicles that dock at the loading point and the compartments in the wall should be made with corresponding appropriate dimensions. The standard dimensions for cold rooms provide an internal width of 2400 mm and an eternal width of 2800 mm, therefore they are generally suitable for standard insulated vehicles with an external width of approximately 2500 – 2600 mm. In case of narrower truck dimensions, the sealants should have a reduced width. When all vehicles have uniform height, a sealant with an upper fixed horizontal cushion can be used. When the trucks are with variable heights, an adjustable horizontal cushion sealant should be used. This type of cushion is counterbalanced by an external counterweight. CONSTRUCTION The sealant consists of two cushions of elastic polyurethane foam with a trapezoidal section of 300 (200) mm wide x 250 mm deep, and a height of 3000 mm. The upper horizontal cushion has a section of 250 x 250 mm and a width of 2400 (2200) mm. The cushions are covered with polyester fabric PVC coated and they are closed at the back (wall side) by a galvanized steel sheet. The cushions are equipped with vents for the release of compressed air from the retracting vehicle. Vertical cushions are covered on the front by overlapping flaps of sturdy PVC coated polyester fabric. The flaps absorb the vertical rubbing of vehicles moving up and down during loading operations. FIXED CUSHIONS The trapezoidal sealant with fixed top horizontal cushion is used when the height of the vehicles to be sealed is constant. The horizontal cushion can be fixed at the desired height. MOBILE CUSHION Trapezoidal sealant with adjustable top horizontal cushion is used when the height of the vehicles to be sealed is variable. The horizontal cushion is mobile and counterweighted.

Cushion Sealer with Motorized upper cushion

The Cushion Sealer with Motorized Upper Cushion has construction and dimensional features identical to the standard one.

In addition, it is equipped with a motorized winding / releasing system that allows automatic adjustment of the insulation sheet connected to the upper cushion. The operation is activated by a remote control at ground level.

The possibility to adjust the upper cushion ensures a better degree of sealing insulation. This solution is recommended in case of vehicles having the compartment of different sizes.

The adjustment must be carried out before docking the vehicle. The electrical wiring to the selector must be predisposed by the end user.

230 V – single phase – 50 Hz – 0.25 kW (for the motorized version)

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