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Loading ramps for traditional pit are installed on custom built pits and need steel profiles that anchor the ramp and protect the pit edges. The frames are generally built locally, as per drawing.

The Campisa loading ramp is a simple and economical solution. This system consists of a platform complete with spout, accessories, and two hydraulic cylinders. The ramp can be managed by the hydraulic control unit (or by the Fidelity console).

The pit must be constructed according to the instructions and measurements shown in the technical data sheet, with the carpentry elements joined and fixed to the casting as per the measurements indicated in the installation instructions.

The installation needs welding and expansion plugs, used to fix the structure to the walled carpentry and to the pit casting.


The Campisa ramp has a height of 200 mm. This allows the shipment of multiple overlapping ramps with significant savings on the cost of shipping.


When combined with a standard ramp, the accessories are made by painted steel elements; while these same elements can be painted and hot-dip galvanized if combined with a galvanized ramp.


The motor together with the hydraulic and electrical systems are made and 100% tested in our factory therefore the ramp activation time on site is very short.


The installation of the Campisa ramp with accessories is carried out welding the three rear hinges on a sturdy walled profile, anchoring the front connection and fixing the cylinder’s swivel to the pit bottom.


Campisa ramps can be handled on 3 sides with a forklift, and eventually supplied with a lifting ring for a trolley or crane hanging.

In compliance with the provisions of EN 1398,

Campisa loading ramps are equipped with:

  • Automatic valve to block the descent in case of unexpected departure of the vehicle.
  • Block solenoid valve controlled by power supply safety switch.
  • Movable side foot guards.
  • Maximum pressure shut off valve.
  • Non-slip and self-draining checkered metal sheet.
  • 25 mm minimum distance between folded spout and resting support.
  • Positive locking system of the ramp, when raised, for safe maintenance.
  • Rounded windproof head hinge, allowing passageway without jolts in any connecting position.

The nominal dynamic capacity of the standard loading ramps is 6,000 kg (13,600 kg (30,000 lb) static capacity ), optional 9,000 kg (22,500 kg (50,000 lb) static capacity ).

When constructing the frame for the pit, a 60 mm diam corrugated conduit must be predisposed  at the side of the pit wall for the connections of the electric cables and hydraulic hoses between the ramp and its control unit.

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