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Accessories for sectional doors

Accessories to reduce the risk of accidents while using sectional doors.
  • Portholes: the panel at eye level can have one or more portholes that allow controlling any external presence. In some cases, more portholes are also applied to the upper panels to increase the internal brightness.
  • Cleats: they protect the vertical guides and the Consoles from possible impacts of the trolleys in transit.
  • Door numbers: in different sizes and colors, identifying the loading bays and directing the vehicles.

The portholes are provided with a height 300 mm or larger, for a wide visibility, and with height of 180 mm, considered “anti-theft” by the insurance companies.
Porthole must have a double glass, in order to minimize the loss of calories.

Bollards are indispensable accessories to safeguard the guides of sectional doors and the consoles where there is intense traffic.

Door numbers allow an orderly and easier internal traffic management. If the vehicle is placed in a parking area, it can be ordered to dock at the numbered door with a simple telephone call.

Each accessory is certified in compliance with the Product Standard to which it refers and supplied with CE marking.

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