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Vehicle retraction management

When the retracting vehicle intercepts the beam of the photoelectric cell, the external and internal orange light turns on, warning the warehouse workers that there is a vehicle waiting, and the sectional door opens.
Objectives achieved with the retraction control system:
  • Compliance with DL81 / 08.
  • Eliminated the need for verbal information between drivers and warehouse operators.
  • Drivers in contact only with the concierge or drivers room staff.
  • No operator needed in the forecourt.
  • Vents open in the absence of vehicles are excluded (anti-theft function).
  • No dispersion of thermal energy.
  • Maximum accident prevention safety.
  • Maximum management economy.
  • Maximum anti-theft security.
CONTROL UNIT Control system contained into industrial plastic container with IP56 protection degree. DETECTION Presence detection sensor consisting of a reflection photocell with polarized light, range 12 m. EXTERNAL TRAFFIC LIGHT Two-color, red and green LED external traffic light, in sturdy aluminum case, 230V single-phase power supply. INTERNAL TRAFFIC LIGHT Made with LED column directly fixed on the box containing the control panel, easy to install.
Legislative Decree 81/2008 for the part of risk analysis to which the operator is subject.

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