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Traffic light logic system

The Campisa traffic light logic system is the most effective, simple and economical system to increase the level of safety while using the loading points.

The wedge is equipped with a status sensor chain. When the wedge is applied against the vehicle wheel, it sends a pulse to the traffic management system.

The impulse is used for several purposes, interlocking the sectional door, changing the lights of the external and internal traffic lights, giving consent to inflate an inflatable sealant, activate automatisms of the loading bay, signal the status of the bay from distance.

The ramp connected to the vehicle bed is an inert bridge that follows the vertical movement of the vehicle during loading (EN 1398). The ramp at rest has the lip inserted in the beak holder and in this position, it can be crossed at full load.

The operating cycle is guaranteed by a single control button (with dead man), with the following operation:

  • Button pressed: lifting of the ramp, which at the maximum height let the lip open automatically and radially.
  • Releasing the button, with extended nose, the ramp descends gently to connect the floor with its extended nose.
  • The loading operations can start.
  • Pressing and releasing the button, at the end of the loading operations and before the vehicle moves, the beak closes. Repeating the press and release prior to reaching the maximum height (which would cause another beak opening cycle to be performed), the ramp descends gently into the rest position.


The control unit, containing the dedicated control logic is protected into an industrial waterproof plastic container. The unit is complete with activation keys, acoustic signal for incorrect operation and display indicating the sequence of use. The traffic light (red / green), with LED bulbs, is housed directly onto the traffic light logic container, on the 70mm diameter column.


  • Heavy duty type, equipped with drawbar and wheels for positioning.
  • Compression capacity 6.500 kg.
  • Construction in rigid plastic material wrapped in 8 mm thick galvanized steel plates.
  • Equipped with 5 meters of chain for wall anchoring and 15 m connection cable transmitting the signals of the sensor under the wheel up to the control unit.


Street-type red-green traffic light with high-intensity LED bulbs visible from over 200 m away, inside an aluminum matt black painted container, with hood. Diameter of luminous bodies: 100 mm.

Door wedge interlock
Directly connected to the traffic light’s logic panel, this device prevents the opening of the motorized sectional door unless the wheel blocking wedge is correctly in position. This device eliminates the risk of falling from the dock because the sectional door does not open unless the vehicle is parked and secured.

Door wedge interlock with release key
In addition to the characteristics of the door wedge interlock, there is also the possibility to exclude the door wedge interlock by means of a key selector. This option can be used in case of maintenance or if the door needs to be opened without vehicle parked. The release key, while allowing the door opening, activates a flashing light that warns of the anomalous dangerous situation.

External buzzer
This device must be installed near the compartment on the external wall of the building. It amplifies the alarm signal if the safe sequence is not respected. In particular, if the wheel lock wedge is removed before the end of the load, the acoustic signal warns the driver of the vehicle and of the forklift truck that a potentially dangerous situation is in progress.

Remote bay status reporting system
The status of the traffic lights in each bay can be replicated remotely, for example in the concierge, in order to better manage and control the traffic of vehicles in the logistics center.

Schuko socket connection with safety switch, as part of the electrical system of the building. Power supply 230 V, single-phase 50 / 60Hz, power 30W.
Legislative Decree 81/2008 for the part of risk analysis to which the operator is subject.

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