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Anti-fall and anti-collision movable bar

Protection bar against door breakthrough and consequent fall from the platform.

The bar is moved directly by the sectional door.

  • Protects the trolleys from the risk of falling from the platform.
  • Protects from collisions against the closed sectional door.
  • At the opening end of stroke, the interlock prevents collision between the trolley and the base panel, when the sectional door is open.
  • The DOCKGUARD+ protection system is automatically activated as soon as the sectional door is closed.
  • When the door is closed, the risk of falling into the courtyard is safeguarded.
  • With the opening interlock and an external (additional) sensor, the door does not open unless a vehicle is moored to the quay.

The DOCKGUARD+ system

The Accident Prevention Authorities require that the forklifts fall off risk be prevented, even when sectional doors are closed, or due to door breakthrough.

DOCKGUARD+ is the perfect solution: a high-strength bar articulated on the lower panel of the sectional door rises together with the sectional door and, when descending, slides in front of the guides of the sectional door until it stops and rests at about 50 cm from the ground, protecting the door.

DOCKGUARD+ carries shocks up to 12,000 N (1200 kg)
For opening, the sectional door is prompted by the presence of a vehicle moored outside. The Fidelity system hydraulic lifting of the sectional door is not affected by the weight difference between standard panel and panel with DOCKGUARD+ attached.


The mobile protection bar consists of a high-resistance steel pipe, painted red, equipped with jointed side flanges able to transmit the impacts to the supports at the side of the door guides. The diameter of the tubular is 110 mm, the thickness is 4 mm for a total weight of about 40 kg.


The protection bar is fixed to the lower panel of the sectional door, by hinged arms, and is moved by the lifting system of the same. This configuration identifies the Fidelity hydraulic lifting system as the unique solution, in fact the weight of about 100 kg, added to the lower part of the sectional door, does not create any operating limit to the Fidelity lifting system.


The supports are made of painted steel and discharge the force received from an impact against the bar directly on the wall. In the case of a masonry wall, direct anchoring and fixing to the door guides are required, in case of insulated panels a tubular frame is required and it could be the same frame used to fix the door guides.

  • On the 2000 mm wide ramps, 2 side flaps, 180 mm wide, with automatic release, can be predisposed for the connection of reduced length of the vehicle bed.
  • 430 mm lip option: the lip extends 430 mm from the edge of the quay when fully extended.
  • Oversized cylinders: 2 diam. 40 mm lifting cylinders (higher pit is required, see drawing).
  • Windproof seal option: gaskets applied on both sides of the ramp (windproof head gasket is standard).
  • Hot-dip galvanization for the ramp and lip option.
Legislative Decree 81/2008 for the part of risk analysis to which the operator is subject.

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