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Anti-crushing safety bollards

Protections against hazards and accidents in the areas between the truck and the wall when the vehicle is retracting.
The study of this new safety device derived from the experience of a fatal crushing accident and it has now become essential.

The anti-crushing safety bollards are elastic elements applied to the external wall of the loading bay.

They are designed to occupy the space between the building and the walls of truck, drastically reducing the risk that an operator could slip into these spaces and be subject to an accident between the vehicle and the wall in the event of a sudden movement of the vehicle.

The Bollard can be compressed by the moving vehicle, without damage, and will return to its original size when the vehicle is moved away.


Made by a double Sendzimir galvanized metal sheet, fixed directly to the wall by means of dowels, that holds the elastic protection elements in position.


Made by a sturdy reinforced 3 mm thk. PVC sheet.

Legislative Decree 81/2008 for the part of risk analysis to which the operator is subject.

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