Domino smart high-speed roll-up doors

Rapid roll-up doors with hot-dip galvanized sheets assembled without welding.


The SMART DOMINO flexible high-speed door includes:

Galvanized steel structure with sealing and anti-noise brushes on the vertical posts.

700 g / m2 polyester fabric cover, with horizontal tubular reinforcements that guarantee excellent wind resistance.

A transparent PVC window at eye level (additional windows are optional).

Available in a wide range of RAL colors also for insulated sheets.


The gearmotor, 400V three-phase, 50Hz, 0.5 kW, IP 55, is complete with electromechanical brake, electronic programmer and three-phase plug connector to the power supply. The larger doors have oversized gearmotor and controls.

A crank for emergency opening is positioned under the gearmotor, and it’s maneuverable from the ground.


The main panel is inside a box with IP55 protection, it is pre-wired to the gearmotor and includes an emergency switch.  In case of emergency the motor and the panel can be easily controlled and the door can be totally opened. (For large and high doors, we foresee an aerial walkway that allows direct control of the motors on top of the structure).

Photocell barriers and a wireless safety rib, incorporated in lower edge of the fabric, are also foreseen for safety purposes. All controls are according to CE standards,


Class 1 (up to 85 km / h), depending on the size of the door.

  • Additional windows (one is standard).
  • Programmable speed, frequency converter.
  • Additional wireless opening control.
  • Additional commands and safety devices.
  • Kit for installation within walls.
  • Stainless steel structure and insulated sheet.
  • Personalized logo and texts on request

Rapid roll-up doors manufactured in compliance with the EN 13241 Product Standard. Complete with CE marking.

Sensitive edge: a polarized light reflection photocell that requires wiring on one side of the device.

A row of windows at eye level.

The nominal dimensions of the rapid roll-up doors are calculated measuring the free opening space when the door is opened.

Available measures: maximum standard width 4800mm, maximum standard height 4800mm.

The overall dimensions of the doorposts are 160 mm each side, the upper beam has a vertical dimension of 550 mm. The size of the operator varies according to the size of the door, please consult the technical data sheets.

The gearmotor, 400V three-phase, 50Hz, from 0.55 to 1.1 kW (depending on the size of the door), IP 55, is complete with electromechanical brake, digital programmer and three-phase plug for connection to the power supply.

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