Pubblicato il 28 December 2022
Campisa sectional doors to seal the loading points

Have you ever wondered how much energy waste your logistics hub produces during loading and unloading flows near the loading docks?

In this new article, Campisa specialists focus on the topic of energy saving, within the loading points. You will thus be able to understand what is the optimal solution to eliminate the risk of heat dispersion during the handling of goods in the logistics phases.


During the phases of loading and unloading goods, adjacent to the loading ports, dangerous situations of heat dispersion can often arise between the inside and outside of the industrial pole.

This heat exchange occurs due to unsealed dock spaces , such as those created between the top and sides of the trailer. Or just think of the frequent openings and closings of the doors that let in drafts, generating sudden changes in temperature.

Today, many companies still do not consider sealing their loading bays correctly , with suitable logistic equipment designed to increase performance. All those small neglected spaces, adding up, lead to enormous energy waste, in addition to the dangerous thermal alterations that the products handled can undergo.

Just think of cold logistics and the handling of fresh, frozen or perishable products on the loading docks; a thermal shock in the logistics phases could compromise the integrity of these products and the consequent loss of the whole stock.

But what is the optimal solution to eliminate the risk of thermal dispersion on the load points? 

The answer lies in the equipment.

The installation of sectional doors and the use of Campisa brand sealants ensure maximum thermal insulation, for those who want to have an optimized logistics hub and no surprises on their bills. Here are the details!

To properly seal and close a loading bay, Campisa has developed a vast technological range of industrial closures, available in different types and models.

Sectional doors for loading bays are the ideal solution to eliminate excess energy consumption on loading docks, during the movement of goods from the vehicle to the warehouse.

Thanks to the use of certified materials and first choice components, Campisa industrial closures have a high insulating power, perfect for eliminating heat and energy losses in company environments.

Sectional doors are available in spring-balanced or motorized versions, and guarantee minimum encumbrance for their installation, even in the tightest spaces.

To complete the insulating equipment on the loading and unloading docks and to optimize energy consumption, Campisa produces three types of sealant which allow you to completely close the spaces between the building and the walls of the vehicle, with an efficient sealing system. Here are the types:

  • Dock Tunnel: special loading bay located outside the building which allows the rear of a vehicle under load to be sealed in an external dock.
  • Retractable Sealants: Ideal for weather sealing the rear of the van against the building.
  • Pillow sealants: they are indicated for cold stores, to contain heat loss. It blocks bad weather and air currents harmful to the health of the operators.
  • Inflatable Sealants: This sealant inflates quickly with a blower and “dresses” the right side of the vehicle with excellent insulation. It blocks bad weather and air currents harmful to the health of the operators.
Campisa sectional doors to seal the loading points


Energy waste is one of the main causes of excess costs that a logistics company has to face every day, especially when the equipment available does not meet the standard parameters to guarantee maximum energy efficiency.

Investing in high-performance loading bay equipment means earning maximum performance in the long run.

Campisa has been a leader in the international market of industrial loading docks for 50 years , supplying the best components to reduce waste, maintenance interventions and maximize work performance.

Loading rampsprefabricated pitsindustrial doors, the patented Fidelity ®System, sealants and a vast range of accessories designed to make your logistics center more efficient.

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