Air tight, hydraulic, motorized sectional doors

This Air Tight sectional door is a sectional door moved by our Fidelity® hydraulic mechanism, equipped with special seals that limit the air flow between two environments. This maintenance-free hydraulic mechanism requires just one annual inspection, as requested by law.

The Fidelity® system guarantees a balanced descent of the door, allowing a simultaneous compression of the entire door against the perimetral seals, then against the concrete base on the ground, thus ensuring Air Tightness.

Porthole dimensions 525 x 350 mm

Anti-theft porthole 607 x 176 mm

Paint different from the standard white RAL 9002

Doors with 80 mm thick panels, particularly suitable for refrigerated, cool, cold and very cold warehouses. Exceptional insulation capacity thanks to the Fidelity® system

The Fidelity® system allows you to equip a loading bay by moving it with a single console that operates both the sectional door and the loading ramp.

Compliant with the EN 13241 Product Standard

CE marked.

Three-phase power supply 230-400V, 50/60 Hz, 0.75-1.1kW.

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