Light alloy ramps balanced flush with the quay

Gliss type loading ramps in light alloy, fixed or sliding, manual or counterbalanced. The simplest solution for connecting vehicles.

The light alloy loading ramps are fixed aluminum platforms anchored flush with the dock and sliding laterally on the rail. The lifting can be manual or assisted by spring balancing, performed by means of a rope or lateral platform recovery rod.

The vertical rest position of the alloy loading ramps is ensured by a safety locking system. The sliding model can translate laterally in a vertical position, by pulling the platform inwards and moving it manually. The range is concentrated on one axle of the forklift.


They are aluminum platforms, hinged to the dock, sliding or fixed, with reduced dimensions and weight, such as to be able to be maneuvered manually without counterbalancing.


They are aluminum platforms, hinged to the dock, sliding or fixed, with important dimensions and weight. These footrests are counterbalanced with coil springs so that they can be maneuvered easily.


They are all equipped with a vertical safety locking system. The Gliss ramps are equipped with a maneuvering bar which remains integral with the platform and is stowed to the side of this.

Safety lock in case of accidental departure of the vehicle. The block consists of a support foot hinged to the ramp which automatically positions itself vertically when the ramp is connected; recorded at assembly so that it touches the ground with a negative slope of 12.5% ​​(maximum slope of use according to EN 1398).
Lock in vertical rest position. Optional collapsible locking foot at minus 12.5% ​​mm from dock level.

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