Balanced steel ramps flush with the quay

Steel ramp type Gliss color RAL 5010, capacity kg. 5000 – 6000. These steel loading ramps are equipped with screw springs that allow an excellent balance between the vertical and horizontal position, even of considerable weights.

Fixed or lateral sliding steel platforms anchored to the quay on rail. Lifting is assisted by auger spring balancing, performed by means of one or two lateral platform recovery rods.

The vertical rest position is ensured by a safety locking system. The sliding model can translate laterally in a vertical position, by pulling the platform inwards and moving it manually.

The scope was concentrated on one axle of the forklift.

STRUCTURE Platforms made of welded steel with suitable side members underneath the upper anti-slip embossed sheet. FINISH Standard painting RAL 5010. COUNTER-BALANCE By means of auger springs able to assist the maneuver in any position. SECURITY LOCK The ramps are equipped with a mechanical safety lock in a vertical rest position. MANEUVERING DEVICE The maneuver is carried out with one or two bars which in the rest position remain at the side of the ramp: ergonomic effort within the limits of 30 kg. LIP Models with a width greater than 1750 mm, as per EN 1398 standard, must have a segmented nose if they are used to connect vehicles whose floor is inclined laterally.

Safety foot

Safety locking in case of accidental departure of the vehicle. System consisting of a support foot hinged to the ramp that automatically positions itself vertically with the ramp connected, adjusted on assembly so that it touches the ground with a ramp inclined in negative by 12.5% ​​(maximum slope of use according to EN 1398).

Hot-dip galvanizing

Possibility to order the hot-dip galvanized platform to improve resistance to direct exposure to bad weather.

Sectored lip

Lateral adjustment to the vehicle inclination: ramps wider than 1750 mm must be able to adapt to the lateral inclination of the vehicle (EN 1398). This aspect is difficult for balanced ramps because it lacks self-weight.

The new width of 1750 mm is introduced as standard.

All the cantilevered ramps in the “hot-dip galvanized” version can be purchased with the “segmented lip” option in light alloy which EN 1398 recognizes as suitable for following the lateral inclination of the platforms.

The length of the ramp increases in this case by 65 mm.

Lock in vertical rest position. Optional foldable block foot at minus 12.5% ​​mm from dock level.

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