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Research and Development have always been Campisa’s beating heart

Over the years our Research and Development division has developed several process and product innovations.

In the first years of its life the company was specialized in the collapsible containers field and many patents were registered, including in particular, the system for locking collapsible containers open which is still one of the most widely used solutions. Several specific solutions were also invented in the rollcontainers field. Campisa was the first to invent a double length rollcontainer with a tight mesh of which thousands of units were built and used specifically in the transportation and delivery of spare part panels for cars.

In 1976 Campisa started to produce dock levellers and, here again, the innovations and patents in this sector are innumerable. In 1985 Campisa used a system of “stay-in-place” structural formwork for the construction of pits to house dock levellers for the first time. In subsequent years the system was perfected to reach the final solution of a “prefabricated pit”, built out of zinc coated Sendzimir zinc plated steel plates which can be assembled with a few nuts and bolts.
In addition, a “prefabricated dock” was also invented for those with a requirement for dock levellers with an underlying level for a tail lift, Even in this case the product was and still is all zinc plated and it can be assembled with a few nuts and bolts. The ease and speed with which docks with tail-lift reservation can be assembled using these methods is quite incredible. Dock levellers with a revolving or telescopic lip underwent substantial revisions over the years in order to adapt them to robotized production and to conform to European regulations.

In 1995 Campisa began production of high-speed vertical roll-up or folding doors. Initial production units were designed for ultra-fast assembly. The products were updated in the 2013 – 2014 period with new construction methods and the addition of safety edge wireless signal transmission to avoid hanging or spiral cables. The current range also includes two types of self-repairing roll-up high-speed doors.

In 2005 Campisa started to conduct studies and experiments for the development of fire-rated sectional doors, obtaining EI certification in a relatively short time, with a duration of 180 minutes (the only one in the world), 120 minutes (the only one in the world) and 60 minutes. These vertically sliding sectional gates are of an exclusive type and they enjoy the benefit of another European patent registered by Campisa: the patent for a hydraulic system for lifting sectional gates.

In 1986 Campisa started to develop a hydraulic system for lifting sectional gates, for which a first patent was registered in the 1990s, selling tens of thousands of units. Development however, never stopped and in February 2015 Campisa presented the evolutionary FIDELITY system at the R&T Fair in Stuttgart, an innovative hydraulic system for lifting sectional gates that can be adapted to any type of gate during installation. FIDELITY was presented in conjunction with the creation of a new company division.

A journey of continuous innovation that reassures Campisa customers that they can always count on advanced technology and at the same time high standards of quality and safety.