project design campisa loading bays

Campisa’s Technical Department is made up of two sections: the Project Design section and the Project Assistant section.

Both sections operate in conformity with the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standard; Project design and lay-outs are done with 2D CAD and 3D Solid modelling.
Starting from kinematic and structural analyses of the various components involving finite element analysis up to the completion of user, installation and maintenance manuals, each change is registered and monitored by sequential numbers and dates. Nothing is left to chance.

The Technical Department designs and monitors the construction and testing of prototypes (whenever necessary tests can even lead to the destruction of prototypes). This delicate process is the only way to guarantee a high standard of production, usage requirements and the average life of the product.


In order to assist customers in the design of their loading bays of their logistical hubs, the Campisa Project Assistant team analyses the plans and the elevation cross-sections of the establishments to be built or re-adapted and, after a careful analysis, points out all possible improvements; it also checks vehicle access routes, room for vehicle manoeuvre and docking.
Very often, the work carried out by the Project Assistant team proves to be fundamental for optimizing costs but above all for reducing manoeuvring and docking times and significantly increasing safety.

Considering increasingly rigid regulations and more frequent controls that can result in heavy fines and other possible legal and penal implications, safety has now become a strategic factor for all companies. It is categorically imperative for Campisa to prevent any risk to the maximum possible extent.