Campisa, since 1972


Giampaolo Nelzi together with other partners founded Campidoglio Susa s.r.l. for the sale of collapsible industrial containers and tail lifts for industrial vehicles


The product range was extended to include dock levellers and shelter seals. The company name was changed to “Campisusa s.r.l.”


The production of dock levellers was launched.


New models of collapsible containers were developed. A company in France and one in England were set up for the sale of containers and rollcontainers and the production of tail lifts for industrial vehicles began.


The company was split between shareholders: the “collapsible containers” line of business was sold while the business unit dedicated to “Oil Hydraulics”, called “Campisa Oleodinamica”, continued to be the property of the Nelzi family.


Sectional Gates were added to the product line. The company name was changed to “Campisa s.r.l.”


Campisa merged by incorporation with Martin s.r.l. in order to integrate the various production sectors.


Campisa moved to 13 Via Ruffini in Palazzolo Milanese.


Campisa extended its product line to include high speed doors and presented a new system for high speed door assembly that reduced the time to mount a high speed door to a few hours.


Campisa registered a new patent for a hydraulic system for lifting sectional gates.


Campisa registered other patents in the dock leveller sector and in the loading bay shelter seals sector.


In view of the exponential growth of the “loading bay” sector (dock levellers, sectional gates, shelter seals), Campisa decided to sell the business line dedicated to tail lifts for industrial vehicles.
In the same year, Campisa invested in new machinery for the automatic production of dock levellers: robots for welding and automated electrostatic spray painting which has a capacity for 17 spraying stations.


All production processes were revised to obtain a common production flow, starting with glossy sheet metal coil for welded products and zinc coated sheet metal for bolted products. New development projects for the “fire-rated” sector were started.


New automated machinery was introduced: coil fed punchers, robotized press breaks, and spark welding machines.


Campisa registered new patents for the cold storage sector and the dock leveller sector.


Campisa obtained the Italian SOA qualification (an Italian qualification for eligibility to undertake Italian Public Works projects) for machine manufacturing and installation; in the “fire-rated” sector, it obtained the certification for its vertically sliding sectional gates, with a resistance of 180 minutes (the only one in the world), 120 minutes (the only one in the world) and 60 minutes.


Campisa acquired the “support” business unit and integrated it directly with the company.


Campisa supplied new technology installations: loading bays managed by PLCs, with a connection for controlling each loading bay remotely. Moreover Campisa developed a system for loading vehicles delivering fresh and frozen goods in urban areas with the vehicle loaded by the driver in total safety.


At the R&T Fair in Stuttgart, Campisa presented the new Campisa Components division and launched its latest solution that has just been patented in Europe: the new telescopic solution called FIDELITY, an innovative hydraulic system for lifting sectional gates that can be adapted to any type of gate during installation.


After 45 years of market presence, founder Giampaolo Nelzi and his sons Laura and Guglielmo, have decided to quit the Company and gather with new creativity and energy the future challenges of an increasingly globalized and competitive market. Starting from February, 5th,2018 ownership and management of the company will be transferred to an Italian company already involved in the field of mobile roofing and industrial closures, with the aim of expand the product range and strengthen partnerships