Windproofed Dock Levellers: Two Details that Make the Difference

These windproofed dock levellers are designed with unique, patented solutions which make the difference. Read on to find out more.

The dock leveller is one of the most important components of a loading bay. And as a primary element of the loading dock, its characteristics merit careful consideration. Each dock leveller must be designed to ensure the safety of the operator and facilitate his or her job at all times.

Goods may be loaded and unloaded in all possible weather conditions. Weather conditions play a very important role when working and can significantly influence productivity. Draughts and sudden gusts of wind infiltrating through the gap between the dock leveller and the floor can make working unpleasant, irritating the eyes of the operator and compromising the efficacy of loading and unloading tasks.

To protect the operator, Campisa has developed two features which help windproof dock levellers: the rear hinge and the lateral weather seals. In the following paragraphs we will be taking a detailed look at the functional and design characteristics of these two unique features, which offer significant benefits in terms of usability and results.

1. The rear hinge is a crucial component which secures the dock leveller to the dock. The rear hinge extends across the full width of the dock leveller and forms a rounded connection at all positive or negative dock leveller angles. The continuous hinge contributes to windproofing the dock leveller by completely stopping any undesirable draughts of air across the full width of the dock leveller itself.



2. The lateral weather seals stop undesirable air currents underneath the dock leveller from infiltrating through the lateral gaps between dock and the floor, irritating the eyes of the operator during loading and unloading. The solution proposed by CAMPISA requires a 20 mm lateral gap between the dock leveller and the floor to allow the rubber weather seal to move freely. A narrower gap would not permit the use of a truly durable weather seal.The 20 mm wide gap allows the rubber seal to bend up or down without breaking and follow the movements of the dock leveller. The weather seal itself is very simple to install and can even be fitted onto an existing dock leveller: the aluminium moulding carrying the weather seal is simply screwed or riveted onto the sides of the pit. Lowering the dock leveller fully exposes the sides of the pit, allowing the seal to be installed without having to disassemble the dock leveller itself.



CAMPISA lateral weather seals are also available for existing dock levellers that are already in use. There is only a single seal version to choose from, which may be used on both the right and left hand sides. This makes the weather seals not only easier to install but also simplifies ordering. For each dock leveller, simply order two lateral weather seals with the same product code (03V75), specifying whether the pit length is 2500 mm or 3000 mm or different.

Ensuring safe working conditions means choosing and implementing pioneering design solutions to cater more effectively for the specific needs of the operator.


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