As with all machines, Campisa machines are also subject to mandatory scheduled maintenance, which is normally limited to inspection.

planned inspection campisa service

Inspections are fundamentally important, because they highlight issues, if there are any, to be remedied in the shortest time possible, given that time elapsing without intervention will make any issue worse.

The quality and longevity of Campisa patented products, such as for example the FIDELITY hydraulic lifting sectional doors, is underlined simply by the fact that it is possible to have a guarantee extension of up to 10 years, obviously on condition of the mandatory routine inspections.

Another good example is the multi-service technology offered by Campisa hydraulic consoles. These devices, containing the electro-hydraulic system for activating the loading ramp and sectional doors, are installed at person height inside the warehouse.
It is clear that the maintenance of the electrical part and the hydraulic part can be performed without lifting platforms (necessary for recharging the springs of the counterbalanced sectional doors) and without having to go under the ramp in a dangerous position with high risk of accident.