The sectional door is the closure element of the loading bay

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This industrial doors is the key element for the purposes of energy saving and safety, and the system of choice for loading bays given that it opens upwards, without lateral obstructions.

It consists of panels constructed by a sandwich (normally 40mm thick) of two ribbed metal sheets with CFC free expanded polyurethane foam in the centre.

The sectional door may be:

  • Manual, spring balance: the most inexpensive system to first install, but also the least safe and most expensive for the necessary routine maintenance. The springs discharge over time and it is necessary to tighten them. If they are too loose the effort required to open the door is greater or prohibitive and the door never stays fully open. If they are too tight the door opens easily, but closes with great difficulty. Maintenance is costly because you must have it at a height of 5–7m and it requires a nacelle.

  • Spring balance + geared motor: the spring door with a geared motor for mechanized opening and closing. It poses the problem that the geared motor offsets the discharged springs, but in the case of manual opening (if there is a power failure) by releasing the geared motor the door is very heavy to lift and does not stay open, while in the event of emergency closure due to power failure the door with discharged springs could unfortunately fall onto someone.

  • Door with Fidelity hydraulic opening: the innovative CAMPISA solution where the door has no springs because they are replaced by a hydraulic opening system that uses the same electro-hydraulic system of the loading ramp. It is the mechanized solution that is safe in all conditions and more economic than the spring + geared motor system due to the significant reduction of routine maintenance costs typical of spring systems. CAMPISA Fidelity is practically maintenance-free (only annual inspections are required by law). CAMPISA Fidelity can have an extended warranty up to 10 years, limiting interventions only to the legally required annual inspections. The CAMPISA Fidelity hydraulic opening system is also the best system for resolving all cases/problems of recessed docks for cold storage, ATEX, anti-fire and anti-smoke, etc.
    The CAMPISA Fidelity system also allows the application of reinforcements on the lower panel to protect it from shocks from pallet trucks, roll containers etc, common during loading and unloading operations (possible as the CAMPISA Fidelity system is insensitive to the different weights of the individual panels).

Campisa Sectional Doors