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choose the dock levellers

Choose the dock levellers

Dock levellers are the first element to consider in the building of a loading bay. We help you understand which one to choose.

choose sectional doors

Choose the sectional door

The sectional door is the closure element of the loading bay, a key element for the purposes of energy saving and security.

choose the dock shelters

Choose the dock shelters

Dock shelters are fundamental parts of loading bays, sealing the room between the van and the building to avoid harmful draughts.

choose high speed doors

Choose the high speed doors

We help you to choose between vertically opening high speed doors, roll-up doors as well as flexible swing doors and vertical strip doors.

loading bays for commercial vehicles

Commercial Vehicles – Cold chain

Discover the recessed loading bays, perfect for “fresh” and “cold” logistic and for the cold store.

Other useful topics

retractable dock shelters

Temperature and loading points

For dry goods, loading points have no problems arising from the packaging of the goods.The term dry goods generally refers to food products that do not deteriorate at room temperature

emergency efficency campisa

Energy efficiency

CAMPISA offers a wide range of solutions for insulating loading bays, whether with insulating sectional doors (40 and 80mm thickness) or with its own patented hydraulic lifting system…

fruit ripening rooms campisa

Fruit ripening rooms

The Campisa FIDELITY hydraulic lifting system of the sectional doors together with special perimeter gaskets, guarantee the best air seal.

fire retardant sectional door rei 120

Fire doors

The European Standard requires adequate resistant to both flame and heat transmission.Over the years, CAMPISA has come to produce all types of fire doors…

thermographic analyses campisa loading bay doors

Thermographic analyses

The “thermographies” are a scientific instrument to measure heat losses, allowing an immediate visualization of the areas of loss and the amount of loss.campisa performs thermographic analysis, on example of analysis…

campisa support network for sectional doors

Planned inspections

The equipment requires rare interventions, but inspections are mandatory as per the manual “use and maintenance”. Campisa has a network of its own operators and connected where it operates through dealers in each of the…

loading bay doors manufacturer campisa

Technical expertise

Although this is not one of the institutional activities, the Campisa staff is always available to provide the necessary support in case of need.