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SPAN sponsors the hydraulic motorization FIDELITY by Campisa

SPAN, Campisa trusted supplier for UAE, Lebanon, KSA and Qatar areas, has recently sponsored the Campisa patented FIDELITY system.

FIDELITY system by Campisa is designed to manage the ownership experience of sectional doors and loading ramps with a hydraulic motorization spring-less system.

Thanks to its high safety standards, FIDELITY hydraulic motorized system has been chosen in over 26 countries for a total of over 70,000 installations. It can be supplied as a part of a new sectional door or it can be incorporated into existing doors.

The innovation of this product consists in the advantage of a solution that minimizes the footprint and maintenance costs related to the use of the springs. “In reality the costs related to the maintenance of the sectional door are mostly due to the replacement and repairment of the springs“ commented Samir Azar, SPAN’s Senior Product Specialist. “It also has a longer life expectancy than the traditional spring systems with an expectation of an increase in average duration of over 100%” added Mr. Azar.

Alessio Gironi, Campisa Export Sales Manager said: “Campisa has built solid partnerships with local strategic supplier over the years. Span has stood out among many as a brand ambassador for UAE, Lebanon, KSA and Qatar areas. Span, the exclusive supplier for these areas, is a strategic partner and we believe that the fruitful collaboration of these years can continue to enhance the presence of Campisa brand in the intralogistics sector.”

All details relating to Fidelity system are available in the dedicated section of our website at the link

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