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Project assistant service

The amount of experience accumulated in all these years — experience that continues to develop with research…

thermographic analyses campisa loading bay doors

Thermographic analyses

Thermographs are scientific devices that measure heat loss, allowing the immediate visualization of areas…

campisa support network for sectional doors

Campisa support network

Equipment rarely requires intervention, although the inspections in the Use and Maintenance manual are…

loading bay doors manufacturer campisa

Technical expertise

Although this is not one of our business activities, Campisa staff members are always available to provide…

planned inspections campisa industrial doors

Planned inspections

Inspections are fundamentally important, because they highlight issues, if there are any, to be remedied…

loading bay doors manufacturer campisa

Spare Parts

As a result, the spare parts catalogue is available to customers, as well as support, even though their…

educational service campisa doors


In 2003 the founder of Campisa, G.Paolo Nelzi, published the manual “Goods loading bays – design according…