Campisa has been the leading supplier for over 43 years of equipment for loading bays.

project assistance service campisa

The amount of experience accumulated in all these years — experience that continues to develop with research and development, new patents and new applications — guarantees customers the implementation of the right solutions to their problems.

In this context, for over 15 years Campisa has organized Project Assistant, completely at the service of the customer, to compare the various solutions and sometimes propose new ones.

Project Assistant is available to customers who send to Campisa their lay-outs, which are then carefully checked and returned with the appropriate notes regarding possible improvements, and verification that the planned equipment is the correct equipment. The lay-outs are completed with the inclusion of the equipment necessary to obtain advantageous, safe solutions. The regulatory and functional aspects are analyzed to obtain the best, state-of-the-art result.

Project Assistant has proved essential in many cases, often proposing more cost effective solutions, with loading bay performance even increasing by over 65%.

Through this service, Campisa guides customers in search of the perfect solution, avoiding unwelcome surprises when carrying out the work and during end use of the equipment.