Campisa Outdoor Docks with Loading Bays: Modular Construction and Safety

Two modular outdoor docks with ten loading bays each installed in a week.


Two modular docks equipped with ten loading bays each. This is just one of the latest projects completed by Campisa, installed at the depot of a well-known road transport company in Trieste (Italy).

The continuous modular docks, installed on the two external sides of the warehouse, have ten loading bays each with loading dock levellers constructed to withstand a load of 6 tonnes (in compliance with EN 1398) and connecting structures, also with a load rating of 6 tonnes (for overload safety), but at right angles relative to the normal direction of loading and unloading traffic. This means that loads may be handled along the entire length of the dock in complete safety.

Black and yellow step warning strips are applied to all dock levellers and pits to prevent the risk of operators tripping. The outer edges of the docks are also marked with black and yellow hazard warning strips.



The dock apertures are closed with Fidelity® hydraulically lifted sectional doors, which are protected by a Europe-wide delivered patent. A centralised console for each sectional door and the relative dock leveller protects the controls and ensures maintenance-free usage and total operator safety.

sectional door/dock leveller interlock disables the dock leveller if the door is not completely open for even greater system safety. This safety feature prevents accidental impact between the mast of a fork lift truck and the bottom panel of the sectional door – a relatively common risk with spring-balanced sectional doors, which are often not balanced correctly

Boasting decades of experience in the design and manufacturer of loading bay equipment for all possible applications, Campisa develops every individual aspect of each project itself. This allows it to deliver solutions that ensure the functionality, usability and safety needed for the operator while catering for the requisites of the client for superior quality, high performance and durability in even the toughest conditions with minimal maintenance.

Campisa loading docks are also designed as modular systems. This means that they are extremely quick to install: each of these two ten-bay loading docks was installed in just a week, testifying to the cost-effectiveness and practicality of choosing to install a continuous, loading dock covered by a continuous canopy in any situation where the lateral spaces may be left open.



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