The new Campisa website is now online

We’re pleased to announce that our new Company website went online at the end of June. This is a new showcase for Campisa, a company that has dedicated itself with passion to producing loading bay equipment, fire doors and high speed doors for over 50 years.

A step into the future together with you.


Every aspect of the website has been revised, from its graphic design to its content, to bring it even closer to today’s user who, more than ever before, demands online solutions for their needs. Responsive technology means that users can access and make use of all the content of the site effectively from any device – from a PC to a smartphone or a tablet – letting you view our site wherever you are.

Offered in two languages – Italian and English – to ensure comprehensive coverage of the Italian and European markets, the restyled website is conceived to afford users easy access to any information concerning our products and our Company, and to create a dynamic and continuously updated platform for sharing news from the Campisa world.

As our goal for this site is to help our customers choose the right product for their needs, a large proportion of the site itself has been dedicated to the two major product categories Loading Dock Systems and Industrial Doors. These two sections present all of our products, together with detailed descriptions of their functions, optional equipment and features, and information on reference standards, and include links for downloading product catalogues. The site now also includes a section dedicated entirely to practical tips and helpful information for choosing the best possible solution for your needs.

We have always been committed to answering the needs of our customers, and this means not only creating superlative quality products that ensure the safety of the operator, but also offering a comprehensive suite of complementary services – from guidance for purchasing to surveys and training seminars – which we have decided to present clearly and in a simple visual format here.

A section dedicated to the Company illustrates our history and the technological innovations and patented solutions we have created over the years.

We hope you enjoy exploring our new site and experiencing the Campisa world together with us in an all-new interactive on-line platform with a contemporary style and fully responsive technology.


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