Dock levelers for a wide range application, fully entirely made of Structural Steel S355. 

  • Lip with tapered corners. RAL7005 or RAL 2000
  • Two hydraulic lifting cylinders
  • Front motor allows for easy and safe inspection

The new Universal Dock Leveller can replace several models, making it suitable for different applications.

  • On Swing lip ramps, the self-cleaning lip does not hold the residue normally present on the dock (pieces of pallets, nails, screws, bolts) in the hinge.
  • Ramp-to-bench connection without cutting points for the wheels of the forklifts: the patented CAMPISA system has a rounded connection, whatever the inclination of the leveller.
  • Leveller width as much wide as the truck bed (EN 1398 point
  • The standard widths are 2000 and 2200 mm.
  • Length such as to remain within the slopes that the transhipment vehicles may exceed (generally 8% and 4%).
  • Fully made by structural steel S355: platform, lip and reinforcements.
  • Hot-dip galvanised finishing or AISI 304 stainless steel in case of use in damp places and where intensive washing is used.
  • Carrying capacity (concentrated on lift truck, as per EN 1398) standard at 6000 kg and 9000 kg (special).

The new Universal Dock Leveller is able to replace several models, making it suitable for different applications:

Star: application on pit built in traditional way. Front beam fixing by expansion bolts and rear hinges welding.

FoP: prefabricated Pit installation without welding at the end of all “wettrades”.

Cast: application on finished leveller with frame. To be levelled at final pavement and cast.

Fly: application on suspended dock leveller. The self-bearing front beam can be easily installed in case of tail lift clearance.

* KIT for different pit heights to be estimated






swing lip dock leveler campisa

Swing lip dock: installation with accessories

Electrohydraulic dock leveller with swing lip, allows to load the vehicles in the most safe system.

suspended dock levellers

Suspended dock levellers with swing and telescopic tip

Dock levellers in one piece, inclusive of the powerpack, follow the necessity of the building prefabrication.

Swivelling and telescopic lip castle dock levellers

Swing and telescopic lip castle dock levellers

Dock levellers in one piece, inclusive of the powerpack, the traditional system of installation of the levellers into the pit.

telescopic lip dock leveller

Telescopic lip dock leveller

Electrohydraulic dock leveller with telescopic lip, for all the problematic cases, mobile cages, containers etc..

CampisaCast dock levellers

CampisaCast dock levellers

With no wood closures to be made, CampisaCast dock levellers represent the simplest solution for building a loading bay.

Traditional pits fitting systems

Traditional pits fitting systems

The dock leveller is installed into pits made on drawing, that require protection for the rims.

Prefabricated pits and loaging docks

Prefabricated pits and loading docks

The prefabricated pits allow a simple and quick construction that already includes the dead hinging.

Minilinker Dock levellers

Minilinker Dock levellers

Manual levellers that allow to solve the problem of the connection to vehicles with the same level than the truck bed.

Steel outside docks

Steel outside docks

Modular steel dock, made with galvanized steel sheets, totally dismountable and easily mounted.