Campisa has always been committed to safety and has now developed and tested a specific traffic management system for the loading bays and the respective yard. The delicate issue of safety in the workplace has always been taken very seriously. Naturally, the safety measures adopted in the workplace depend closely on the type of company, its size and the activities conducted within it. In Italy, these safety measures are governed by Law Decree 81/08, which specifies that safety in the workplace is the responsibility of the employer. Similar laws exist in all Countries.

The following are the traffic management safety systems and accessories offered by Campisa specifically for loading bays and the respective yard.

1. CTDS simplified vehicle reversing assistance system.

Conceived specifically to assist the reversing and positioning of vehicles, this system prevents accidents due to misunderstanding or the lack of communication between the driver and personnel within the warehouse. The system uses a traffic light signal controlled by a photocell to notify the driver when the vehicle is positioned correctly and notify the operators in the warehouse that a vehicle has been docked and is ready to load.The sectional door can now be opened.

2.SAFE LOAD operating sequence management systems, ensuring that the three stages in the procedure – DOCK, LOAD, DEPART – are conducted correctly.

Based on a three-stage traffic light signal logic, the SAFE LOAD system may be configured with the following features:

  • Chock/sectional door interlock, which only permits aperture of the sectional door if the chock is positioned correctly under the vehicle
  • Two-position lock with removable key and flashing warning lamp for bypassing the chock/sectional door interlock to permit aperture of the door when the chock is not in place for activities such as maintenance and cleaning.

3. HEAVY DUTY wheel immobiliser chock.

This is a very important tool safety in the workplace, which prevents the vehicle from unintentionally rolling out of the docking position and causing accidents or injury. If this crucial component of the SAFE LOAD system is not fitted correctly or is removed during loading/unloading, an alarm is triggered in the warehouse.

4. SAFE CRUSH crush hazard prevention barriers.

Crush hazard prevention barriers are resilient structures installed on the right and left hand exterior walls of the load bay, which fill the gap between the walls of the building and the rear end of the cargo bay of the vehicle to drastically reduce the possibility of an operator entering this area and being crushed between the vehicle and the wall in the event of unexpected movement of the vehicle.

5. DOCKGUARD mobile bar for Fall Hazard and Collision Hazard prevention.

Over the years, Campisa has perfected a safety system unlike anything else offered on the market today to prevent the risk of fork lift trucks falling over the edge of the dock:the DOCKGUARD bar.

The bar is mounted on the bottom panel of the sectional door and fits into two lateral brackets fastened to the wall when the door is closed.The force of a fork lift truck colliding with the bar is therefore sustained entirely by the wall, preventing any damage to the sectional door.

But there’s much more to the topic of safety, and Campisa has developed many other solutions in addition to those described above.