The Campisa Fire Retardant Sectional Overhead Door eliminates the dead side spaces. It opens vertically and under the ceiling. Fire resistance 120 minutes.

Installation and side spaces

The 120 minutes resisting doors are composed by the pultruded panel plus a silicate sheet each side, filled with rockwool, grey simil RAL7035 colored, if desired paint with other colours with special paint.
Installation and side spaces

CAMPISAFIRE OVERHEAD can be installed like all other sectional doors, with installations STANDARD, HI-LIFT, VERTICAL, until 900 kg of own weight. The doors 60 minutes resistance can also be installed with LOW LINTEL until 450 – 550 mm – 550 mm (depending from the dimensions and weight). Free side spaces up to 300 mm each side are required, depending from the types. They have to be on the same plane with the lintel. Always refer to the specific technical sheets

CAMPISAFIRE OVERHEAD EI 120 is built like a sectional door. The fire-retardant panels have a step in height of about 600 mm and 104 mm thick and a weight of about 100 kg/sqm. Both sides have the same typology of finishing and fire resistance. The heart of the panel is “pulltruded” with fibreglass and special fireproof resins consolidated with catalizator that sublimate at the high temperatures leaving a resistant skeleton of fibreglass that grants for the strength also after the 1200 °C furnace tests. The sublimation does not emit tossic gas. The functioning and the installation are quite similar to that one of the sectional doors. The lifting system is the patented hydraulic FIDELITY system, and the functioning can be set on “dead man”, semiautomatic, automatic.

The CAMPISAFIRE OVERHEAD are composed of:
• sectional door group: leaf, guides, installation accessories
• Fidelity hydraulic powering, 5 years guarantee against inspection contract
• electrohydraulic Consolle that produces the hydraulic pressure for lifting the doors, intensive use


The doors are supplied for the following operations:
• automatic closing at a fire alarm and/or in case of lack of mains power supply, at a speed of 0,08 m/s
• stop without physical contact in case of obstacle under the door, also in case of lack of feeding. This allows the clearing from the obstacle that is not in contact with the door, door that continues the closing at o,o8 m/s as the obstacle is removed, or when the back-up battery is empty.


• audible alarm in case an obstacle is found under the closing door (with option of remotely repeat the alarm). There is therefore a continuous monitoring of free door.
• standard use, also intensive, automatic, settable also semi-automatic, open-stop-close-stop, with FIRE Consolle with raising at about 0,18 or 0,27 m/s (depending from the dimensions and weight of the door), normal closing speed at about 0,18 m/s, FIRE closing under alarm at 0,08 m/s

Besides the no-contact photocell, further safety photocells are suggested. The multipoint photocells can monitor the presence of obstacles under the door and sound an alarm after some seconds, as to avoid alarms for the simple transit. The LOW LINTEL installation always demands the implementation of the Multipoint photocells.
Certified EN 1634-1
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