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Dock House: Campisa solutions for loading and unloading goods

Since 1972 Campisa has been manufacturing loading bays equipment, with particular attention to reducing costs and reducing risks.

The Dock Houses proposed by Campisa allow for faster loading and unloading of goods in complete safety, avoiding compromising the space inside the building.

In fact, Campisa Dock Houses consist of prefabricated external docks and, associated with the loading ramps, constitute an external extension of the building*.

In addition to an advantage in terms of space, the Dock Houses are also a perfect solution for those who need a good result in a short time.

In fact, this type of loading bay can be assembled quickly, but above all it can be a solution to be installed even at the end of all construction works, so when the building is finished.

Campisa Dock Houses adapt to any need. In fact, it is possible to create them orthogonal to the building, or inclined 30 – 45 – 60 degrees with respect to it.

In addition to the possibility of freely choosing the positioning of the Dock Houses, we also have two possibilities for the closing method.

In fact, the sectional door, which gives free access to the loading point, can be installed both on the opening of the building and at the closure of the Dock House.

In this case in particular, is a solution adopted mainly by those who need to maintain the same temperature, both in the building and in the Dock House.

In conclusion, the Campisa Dock Houses perfectly respond to the requests of the most demanding customers, allowing a personalization of the positioning and the type of closure.

Dock Houses are also particularly suitable for the cold chain. In fact, the Dock Houses with telescopic recess ramp and inflatable Dock Shelters allow excellent insulation of the environment, as well as ensuring maximum energy savings.

*These solutions are often not counted as cubature, because they are considered desmontable.