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Campisa in the GDO: customized solutions for every need

Big and challenging project for one of the Italian retail chains.

Relying on the Campisa team means satisfying your needs as a Great Distributor.

A system of loading bays designed ad HOC and sectional doors equipped with our innovative Fidelity® system, winner of the Warehouse Infrastructure Award in Birmingham, guaranteed full customer satisfaction.

  • Innovative sealing system that allows the perfect insulation of materials.
  • New safety systems, which optimize and simplify the different management aspects.


These are just some of the services that Campisa offers to large retailers. Now also the company logistics perfectly reflects the precision and reliability that shines from the brand.


Seeing satisfaction in the eyes of the customer makes us proud, which is why we strive every day to improve ourselves and improve the quality of our products.

What other surprises will the Campisa team reserve in the future?

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